Rank Symbol Rank Name Required Score Required Rank Required Awards
Private None None None
Private First Class 150 Private None
Lance Corporal 500 Private First Class None
Corporal 1000 Lance Corporal None
Sergeant 3000 Corporal None
Staff Sergeant 6000 Sergeant None
Gunnery Sergeant 10000 Staff Sergeant None
Master Sergeant 18000 Gunnery Sergeant None
First Sergeant 26000 Master Sergeant
  • Awards: Basic Knife Combat Badge, Basic Pistol Combat Badge, Basic Assault Combat Badge, Basic Anti-tank Combat Badge, Basic Sniper Combat Badge, Basic Spec Ops Combat Badge, Basic Support Combat Badge, Basic Engineer Combat Badge, Basic Medic Combat Badge
Master Gunnery Sergeant 34000 Master Sergeant or First Sergeant None
Sergeant Major 42000 Master Gunnery Sergeant
  • Awards: Basic Armor Badge, Basic Transport Badge, Basic Helicopter Badge, Basic Aviator Badge, Basic Air Defense Badge, Basic Ground Defense Badge
Sergeant Major of the Corps 50000 Sergeant Major
  • Awards: Awards: Veteran Assault Combat Badge, Veteran Anti-tank Combat Badge, Veteran Sniper Combat Badge, Veteran Spec Ops Combat Badge, Veteran Support Combat Badge, Veteran Engineer Combat Badge, Veteran Medic Combat Badge
2nd Lieutenant 60000 Sergeant Major of the Corps None
1st Lieutenant 75000 2nd Lieutenant None
Captain 90000 1st Lieutenant None
Major 115000 Captain None
Lieutenant Colonel 140000 Major None
Colonel 170000 Lieutenant Colonel None
Brigadier General 200000 Colonel
  • Awards: Veteran Armor Badge, Veteran Helicopter Badge, Veteran Transport Badge, Veteran Aviator Badge
Major General 250000 Brigadier General
  • Global Kills: 100000
    • Awards: Expert Knife Combat Badge, Expert Pistol Combat Badge, Expert Assault Combat Badge, Expert Anti-tank Combat Badge, Expert Sniper Combat Badge, Expert Spec Ops Combat Badge, Expert Support Combat Badge, Expert Engineer Combat Badge, Expert Medic Combat Badge
Lieutenant General 300000 Major General
  • Awards: Expert Armor Badge, Expert Transport Badge, Expert Helicopter Badge, Expert Aviator Badge, Expert Air Defense Badge, Expert Ground Defense Badge
General 400000 Lieutenant General
  • Awards:
    (except army/area time and Legion of Merrit ribbon(s))
    ALL MEDALS (except Purple Heart, army time medals)
    Notes: Special Forces Awards do not care
  • Best Lieutenant General of the month who met these criterias