This page will show you changes we made to the ranking system and to the servers. Here you will find relevant information about major changes to the ranking system.

21st June 2017
Major Changes:

- Big stability Update!
  Server running nearly stable now.


- Welcome KaitoKirishima and welcome back gromdel to the top ten! Have fun fighting with and against you as a bot.

27th May 2017
Major Changes:

- New Operating System for the whole server system. Running smoother now! 
- Whole new Stats page with more information like Round History and Maps.

- New adress for the ranking, 
  old url is still active.


- Welcome Zoe_Sheppard and CaveraoRJ911 to the top ten! Have fun fighting with and against you as a bot.
- Congratulation impalador and ernestbass for beeing promoted to a general rank!

27 April 2017: Change ribbon award mechanics to work correctly

Ranking Fixes:
We did a major update on the ribbon awards. They are working like a charm now! Sorry for any convenience about missing and not recieved ribbons. The new awarding system is kind of similar to battlefield 3 and 4 ones. Now it is possible to achieve the ribbons multiple times, but each ribbons is limited to be earned ONCE a round.

We completly changed the requirements on each ribbon, they differ from original ones. Because of that we did a wipe on the ribbon data. Since there could only be obtained once before, this sould not be so bad. Here is a quick overview about the changed ribbon requirements:
Air-Defense Ribbon

Kills: 40 of
Ground Defense Ribbon

Kills: 40 of
Infantry Officer Ribbon

Sum kills: 125 of

Staff Officer Ribbon

Com. Points: 40
Com. Time: 20 min
Aerial Service Ribbon

Kills: 110 of
Armored Service Ribbon

Kills: 110 of
Crew Service Ribbon

Driver specials: 100
Distinguished Service Ribbon

KD-Ratio: 50
Min. Kills: 225
Far East Service Ribbon

Not Active!
Helicopter Service Ribbon

Kills: 110 of
Middle East Service Ribbon

Not Active!
Meritorious Unit Ribbon

Teampoints IAR: 10
Valorous Unit Ribbon

Kills: 50 of
Airborne Ribbon

Para. Time: 1min
Combat Action Ribbon

Kills: 175
Good Conduct Ribbon

Revives: 25
Legion of Merit Ribbon

Teampoints IAR: 75
Suad Time: 20 min
War College ribbon

Kills: 40 of

For more detailed information see Ribbons or click at some ribbon image.
As you can see there are still some ribbons marked as inactive. We will cover them on the next update, whitout affacting the unmarked ribbons.

22nd April 2017
Ranking Fixes:
- Fixed Special Forces Badges

bf2stats (Homepage)
- Fixed Special Forces Requirements and did some changes.

Server Changes
- We have a new top ten member! Welcome to our Botnames James_Havoc.

We are still fighting against stabillity problems. We hope we can keep you fighting soldiers!
See you on the battlefield and have a nice weekend!

18th April 2017
Ranking Changes:
- Added Special Forces Badges to ranking overview! 
  Now you can see your awarded badges under badges category.
- Missing Badges, Medals and Ribbons are now much more transparent.
  Now you can easily distinguish between holding and not holding an award.

14th April 2017
Ranking Changes:
- Changed requirements for Veteran Helicopter, Armor and Aviator.
  Now you have to reach 25 hours and 150 Kills in a round for each of these vehicle.
- Fixed requirements for Expert Resupply. 
  No you get it correctly with 200 Resupplies and 5 Resupplies in a Round.

Server Changes:
- added new Nations at War 6.0 and Strike at Karkand Infantry Only Server.
- Revived Bf2SP64 Server.

6th April 2017
Ranking Changes:
- Updated progress bar in player stats. Bridagier and major general have correct requirements now.

Server Changes:
- Changed amount of slots per server to max. 12
  => Improved server stabilities.
- Changed amount of bots to 52 (instead of 58)
  => Improved server stabilities.
- Changed DNS and ranking redirections.

3rd April 2017
Ranking Changes:
- Added new features to our bf2stats page, like the leaderboards. Give it a look!
- Fixed Veteran Aviator Badge, now you get it with the right criterias.
- Removed top 100 bots, because we are not saving rank statistics for bots anymore.

Server Changes:
- Added more RAM to the server vm for better stabillity.
- New botnames are live now! Botnames will be updated to the top 10 player names accordingly, to honor best players ;)
  If you don´t want to show up as a bot, just tell us in our forum.

See you on the battlefield soldier!

11th February 2017
- Added AIX2 TNG2 mappack server.
- installed a autorestart program for the servers, so we dont have to check manually,
if the servers are running and start them manually. The intervall is one minute.
So if a server is crashing, after one minute it is online again.

We hope all of you had a good start into 2017!
We are still working for better stabillity and trying to fix errors for a better gaming experience for you.
See you on the battlefield soldiers!
Your ShadowHawkz Ranking Team

28th December 2016
- First of all, we want to thank all of you out there for such epic fighting against our army of bots! 
You keep our Battlefield and our Ranking Experience alive. Over 1800 Players thats awesome and we never expected such numbers.
We are trying everytime to get our servers running fine,
but we are having massive problems to manage that, so we want to say sorry for the heavy downtimes!
I hope we can realize a better stability and experience in the near future.
Also we wish you a good start for 2017 and hope to see you all back on the Battlefield!
Your ShadowHawkz Ranking Team

6th November 2016
- Added Service stars. These not can be obtained in game, because mod support doenst allow that.
But we calculating them, so for each 100 Kills you gain one service star.
if you have 100 service stars, it will be displayed gold!

21th Oktober 2016
- Major Changes: We changed the badges requirements!
It is now difficulter to get badges, because we want to increase the gaming experience and challenge.

20th Oktober 2016
- Fixed bug: Displaying Error for classes. Wrong image and names for assault and pioneer.
- Added average and sum stats for different tables!
- Added commander and parachute time

17th Oktober 2016
- Added player progress bar to player stats.
- Added better teamwork displaying table for player stats.
- Added modular menu to player stats.
- Search Player field now functions correctly.
- Added army stats.

2nd Oktober 2016
- Redesigned entire Stats Design! Added more modern look
- Top 100 Bots Stats added. For easy viewing for bots